I wasn’t raised in a family that hunted. My hunting experiences were forged through extended family and friends to help show me the way. When the opportunities for them to take me out were unavailable, I had to make do on my own. More often than not this meant I was adventuring out on my own, figuring out the fine details myself. Many times this meant learning the hard way; in other words failing. Many people let the stigma of failure stop them, but I loved the challenge and was too stubborn to quit. Reflecting back on how I got started, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Each hunt added to what I had previously learned and any bagged game became a testament to progress. It was also during those times that I learned the most important lesson; success is not contingent on piles of birds, overflowing livewells or limits filled. Rather, it was about the journey: Where I started, where I was at, what I learned and where I would go next. It was about respecting the game I was pursuing and knowing that every opportunity that I had to spend time in the field, in God’s creation, left me a better person.

As life goes on we are constrained by the amount of time we are given. We work ourselves tired, only to try and catch up when we can. We are held captive by the limits that we put on ourselves. We are led to believe that happiness is guaranteed at the end of a long road, paved by hard work. Far too often we forget to pick our heads up during this trip, leaving us wondering where the years went and regretful for all of the opportunities that we missed. A Limitless Pursuit is about taking advantage of the opportunities to experience the outdoors and everything that it has to offer. It’s about stopping and taking in the sites. It is about being content with what we have, but willing to take risks in order to find what we personally find meaningful. It’s about finding happiness along the way.

Every time we hunt or fish we become a part of something bigger; something that can only be seen, heard, or felt when we put ourselves in the midst of the outdoors.  These are the stories of what keeps us moving forward. The opportunities are limitless, who knows where it will lead.